Mount Pico.... (Ponta do Pico, in Portuguese) is a stratovolcano and the highest point on Pico Island in the Azores. It reaches an altitude of 2,351 meters (7,713 ft) above sea level, which makes it the highest point in Portugal and also in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Pico is more than twice the elevation of any other peak in the Azores. Pico Alto the round crater about 500 meters (1,600 ft) in diameter and 30 meters deep tops the volcano, with Piquinho (Pico Pequeno) a small volcanic cone rising 70 meters within it to form the true summit. Whilst we offer hiking trails to the summit which can be made in around two to four hour which is included within your walking package we can also provide custom packages for Mt. Pico

Alterante Programs for Climbing Pico Mountain (4 to 12 participants):
Option 1 - Sunrise
Watch the mountain wake up from 2351M. It feels like welcoming dawn on the roof of the world while Pico projects its shadow over the Atlantic Ocean. You will also have a fantastic view of Faial and Sao Jorge Islands.

Option 2 - Sunset
As you climb, so does the night slowly descends upon the hills, and you will feel swept off your feet by Mother Nature as this quintessentially romantic natural show colours the Ocean's surface with almost unrealistic colours and shades.

Option 3 - Sunset to Sunrise
Sleep in the caldera of the mountain. It's a wonderful experience, which will reward you with unforgettable sights, emotions and experiences.

Rates from €45,00 per person payable locally price includes all equipment needed.