Diving Pico in the Azores will blow your mind. The lava formed topography is magnificant forming a laberinth of archies, caves and caverns. The days out on the boat are a joy and the Atlantic underwater life, simply, has to be seen for yourself. We have over 30 dive sites around Pico and all enjoyable

We offer a full range of SSI and BSAC courses including Nitrox and TRIMIX. Diving the Azores has the advantage of the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean along with the subtropical waters provided by the Gulf Stream, which means you encounter, more than just one type of large marine species. A big advantage in diving the Azores is that diving  is still relatively untouched which ensures your diving experience with us shall not be remembered by the militant standards of other more popular diving destinations. But instead a diving dream of the underwater world of the Azores, which is still waiting to be discovered Read more.